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The fictitious memory impairment suffered by Barrymore's character, Goldfield's Syndrome, is similar to short-term memory loss and anterograde amnesia.

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He has a reputation of womanizing female tourists and does not display any interest in committing to a serious relationship. Believing her to be a local, he avoids introducing himself, but the next day he comes back.

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Lucy and he hit it off instantly and she asks him to meet her again tomorrow morning. The restaurant owner Sue explains to Henry that the year before, Lucy and her father Marlin had a serious car accident on his birthday that left her with anterograde amnesiawhich inhibits her ability to form new memories.

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As such, she wakes up every morning thinking it is Sunday, October 13, of last year. To spare Lucy the heartbreak of reliving the accident every day, Marlin and 50 1st dates songs, Lucy's lisping steroid -addicted brother, re-enact Marlin's birthday by following a script, including putting out the Sunday newspaper, refilling Lucy's shampoo bottles, re-watching the same Minnesota Vikings game, and re-watching the movie The Sixth Sense. Despite Sue's warning, Henry invites Lucy to have breakfast with him.

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Eventually she does, but it ends poorly when he unintentionally hurts her feelings. He follows her home to apologize, where Marlin and Doug instruct him to leave her alone.

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One day, a police officer writes Lucy a ticket for her expired plates. She attempts to argue that 50 1st dates songs are not yet expired, but realizes it's not October 13 as she thought. Lucy rushes home, and Marlin and Doug are forced to admit their ruse when she confronts them; a procedure they always follow whenever something goes wrong with their efforts to re-enact Marlin's birthday.

Henry comes up with an idea to make a video explaining to Lucy her accident and their relationship. Although she is upset upon learning of her accident and memory loss, Henry believes that she is more upset about realizing her life is a lie every day. Because of this, Henry, Marlin and Doug show Lucy the tape every morning and help her spend her days by picking up 50 1st dates songs the tape says she left off.

She spends more time with Henry and goes to see some of her old friends. Eventually, however, Lucy decides to erase Henry completely from her life after learning of his decision not to take a year-long sailing trip to Bristol Bay to study walrusessomething he has been planning for the past 10 years, in favor of spending that year making her fall in love with him every day.

Henry reluctantly helps Lucy destroy her journal entries of their relationship. A few weeks later, Henry is preparing to leave for his trip.

Before he departs, Marlin tells him that Lucy is now living at the brain institute where she was first diagnosed and teaching an art class there. He also tells him that she sings.

As he sails away, Henry becomes emotional and remembers that Marlin once told him that Lucy only sings after she meets him. Concluding that she remembers him, he returns home, rushes to the brain institute and asks her if she knows who he is. She says she doesn't, but shows him the 50 1st dates songs she has painted of him, saying she dreams about him every night.

Some time later, Lucy wakes up and plays a video tape marked "Good Morning 50 1st dates songs. On the tape, Henry says to put a jacket on and come have breakfast when she is ready. She goes up on deck and meets Marlin, Henry and their daughter, Nicole. The film was originally titled "50 First Kisses".

InBarrymore said it had been more of a drama and was re-written by Sandler and they reworked it into more of a comedy.

Due to the high cost of filming outside of the studio zonesome interior scenes such as inside the Whitmore residence were shot on sets in Los Angeles carefully decorated to look like they were in Hawaii.

The film received mixed reviews from critics. Scott praised the uplifting story while lamenting the seemingly excessive and incongruous amount of crude humor and drug references. He reveals the warm side of his personality, and leaves behind the hostility, anger and gross-out humor The movie doesn't have the complexity and depth of Groundhog Day The two actors, who had previously worked together in the popular film The Wedding Singerare said to regard 50 First Dates as one of their favorite 50 1st dates songs as professional "soul mates".

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In an article in the BMJ on depictions of amnesia in film, clinical neuropsychologist Sallie 50 1st dates songs writes that 50 First Dates "maintains a venerable movie tradition of portraying an amnesic syndrome that bears no relation to any known neurological or psychiatric condition". Inresearchers described a woman who developed the kind of memory impairment after she was involved in a car accident.

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She described that her memory was normal for events on the same day and that overnight memories for the previous day were lost. However, a neuropsychological test did reveal some improvement in recall for tasks which she had, unknowingly, performed the previous day. Though the woman claimed not to have seen 50 First Dates prior to her accident but has watched it several times sinceshe stated that Drew Barrymore was her favorite actress, leading researchers to conclude that her condition might have been influenced by some knowledge of the film's plot, and its impact upon 50 1st dates songs understanding of amnesia.

In Julytwo people were discovered to have a form of anterograde amnesia that resembles the one depicted in the movie. One is a man in the UK, originally from Germany. He wakes up every day thinking it is March 14,because that is the day he underwent anesthesia for a dental procedure which led to this 50 1st dates songs as a rare, unexplained complication however, his anterograde amnesia, like that of others with the condition, causes him to forget facts not daily, but within 90 minutes.

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She used to be a pub manager and was visiting Kettering General Hospital for a kickboxing injury when she slipped and hit her head on a metal pole. Ten-Second Tom's ten-second memory is similar to the second-to-second consciousness of Clive Wearinga British man whose long- and short-term memory centers were destroyed from a viral infection of the brain caused by the herpes virus.

50 1st dates songs Hebrew Home of Riverdale, New York has started an experimental program in which residents with early dementia watch a video every morning in which they see comforting messages and reminders from family members that they may still know. After Aprilthe program may include more residents.

The soundtrack contains cover versions of songs that were originally recorded in the s.

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This includes mostly reggae covers, due to their emphasized upbeat that gives a tropical or Hawaiian feel. It was a moderate commercial hit, reaching 30 on the Billboard and 1 on the Top Soundtracks chart and Top Reggae Albums chart in the United States.

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The soundtrack was produced by 's frontman, Nick Hexum. It is heard over the film's end credits.