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Electromagnetic chaos

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Credit for this post: EM Radiation Research Trust www. Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety.

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Grigoriev — Leading Researcher, Dr. Abstract Over the past 25 years, there has been a global change in Electromagnetic chaos electromagnetic environment on the Earth, associated with the widest use of wireless communications by the population, which significantly changed the situation of artificial electromagnetic pollution of the external environment and the methodology for assessing the health risks Electromagnetic chaos all population groups.

In these difficult conditions, nevertheless, many authors in their conclusions neglect the views established in radiobiology in assessing the danger of exposure to electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic chaos ultrahigh frequencies EMR microwavewhich is associated, for example, with the notions of a critical organ or critical system, the possibility of accumulating adverse effects and the formation of residual damage long-term consequences.

Almost daily brain irradiation of the EMR of the microwave does not attract their attention.

Electromagnetic stress is the subtle,...

The work uses classical radiobiological approaches to assess the danger of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range of low nonthermal intensities, including mobile communication for the population and presents some data on the Electromagnetic chaos impact on public health, including children — mobile phone users.

On specific examples, the facts of the relative increase in the risk of developing brain tumors after a long period of active use of cell phones are considered.

In many countries, there is a complete disregard for the precautionary principle Electromagnetic chaos by the WHO. Children for the first time in the entire period of civilization are included in the risk group.

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