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Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories

Adult Videos Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories.

Stacy gingerly opened her eyes and blinked slowly for a few long moments as she tried to get her bearings. As she focused her blurry vision, she was greeted by dirty windowless walls which had been red a long time ago, and now were a dusty grey. Then she realized she was naked. As her senses returned one by one her nostrils were assailed by a host of filthy smells. How many times had she woken up in a Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories state? The venues kept changing but the aftermaths were simply variations of this.

Rolling over onto her back she realized she was literally caked with dried semen mixed with all the piss and muck on the filthy stained mattress below her.

She smelt like a loo that hadn't been flushed in a year. Her body was stiff and sore like it usually was after one of these escapades and she closed her eyes once again letting all the memories of the night before come flooding back.

Stacy hadn't always been this way. Three years ago at eighteen she was one of the more timid students in her class and a virgin who had only barely gone first base a couple of times. Coming from a very conservative church going family, sex as a topic was taboo and consequently she hung out with the more conservative sections of teen society. Then she went to university! There she was introduced to the world of frat parties; drink till you drop games, hostel room Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories and internet porn.

At first she stayed clear of such situations but gradually her curiosity got the better of her. Her catholic upbringing could only resist so much temptation not to mention the unnerving tingles that often shot through her ample breasts and vagina.

So towards the end of first semester she lost her much prized virginity. And then there was no turning back. Soon Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories, a girlfriend showed her lesbian porn and the two of them didn't sleep all night.