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Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom

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Arriving at Trudy's the next evening, she greeted him at the door wearing a tiny, light blue, crop top that was just a narrow band of elastic material stretched across her large, firm breasts.

Her midriff was bare and she had on a loose, flared micro-mini, skirt. Scott was standing at the door when, Trudy deliberately walked slowly, swaying her narrow hips, toward Scott. The little, blue skirt flipped around the tops of her slim legs showing glimpses of her sheer, white, peek-a-boo panties. She could feel a warm dampness developing in her pussy along with a tightness in her pelvis, as she allowed the hem of her skirt to bounce up high on her tanned thighs.

Scott looked down at her firm breasts straining beneath the tight band of her top. Since she didn't have on a bra, he could see the outline of her large nipples poking out against the thin fabric. His cock, quite erect now, began to stir and push against his trousers. Scott and Trudy left the apartment and got into his car.

Trudy slid over the bench seat and sat very close to Scott as he drove. She Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom uncrossed her long legs, allowing the short, loose skirt to ride even higher on her bare thighs, exposing the tiny crack of her swollen pussy beneath the filmy, white strip of her panties.

Scott could feel his hard cock straining under his jeans as Trudy playfully uncrossed her long, tanned legs, giving Scott another fleeting glimpse of her tiny pussy, just barely visible under her sheer, peek-a-boo, white panties. Her loose skirt lay on her delectably naked legs, near her young pussy.

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It was dark when they arrived at the fair and the many Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom lights were brilliant against the night sky. The first ride Trudy saw was the large Ferris Wheel. After standing in line for their turn Scott and Trudy got in one of the cars. Scott got in first and Trudy stepped up on the platform and leaning forward, she slid past Scott.

Her little skirt rode up past her narrow hips, revealing her little, round buttocks covered only the very sheer, white panties, just inches from Scott's face. His hard cock jerked in his pants as he watched the dark crack Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom her pink pussy lips peeking through the stretched filmy panties, as she made her way and sat down next to him. The ride started and as they went up, Trudy sat closer to Scott.

His cocked throbbed as she brushed her hand across his lap, rubbing his engorged member. He could feel her hot skin through the thin material of her skirt, which drove him to an intense state of arousal.

Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed...

His erect penis painfully pushed against his confining trousers, driving him crazy with lust. Nobody will see, Scott. Scott unzipped his pants and reaching in, he drew out his greatly engorged cock. The hard, veined shaft pointed straight up, supporting his large, purple colored head. He stroked the shaft up and down a couple of times in his fist, as he stared at Trudy's soft thighs.

He reached in his pants again and withdrew his massive balls, laying them on his jeans, Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom the zipper. Trudy looked at Scott's hard cock with her red lips parted, she let her fingers drift across her soft abdomen and lingered, stroking around her naval. Her skin was warm and soft. Her fingers, slowly wandered past her tiny waist, to the hem of her little skirt.

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Her fingers wandered under the hem of her little skirt to the supple, downy, blond hairs of her pussy, covered only by the flimsy white panties. She brushed at her little mound and drifted to the yielding, soft skin of her vagina. Scott's cock throbbed in the night air Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom she slowly rubbed the dampening, loose flesh of her vaginal lips through the wispy panties until her pussy became dripping wet from the excitement of her sex.

Reaching past the elastic border, she slowly inserted her index finger into the warm wetness and began pushing the digit in and out. Trudy enjoyed the warm feeling of her wet pussy as she massaged the wet walls surrounding her probing finger.

Scott's cock throbbed wildly, pointing straight up, as he watched Trudy tease him with her finger inside her barely covered pussy.

she continued to toy with...

Then suddenly, as her breathing become more rapid, she arched her back and opened her legs to allow her probing finger to penetrate her slippery pussy even more. Her full, heaving breasts shook wildly under the thin crop top, as her nipples poked seductively at Scott.

Nearing orgasm, Trudy quickly inserted her middle finger past the elastic border of her filmy panties, into the warm wetness, Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom great wheel bringing them back to the top, high above the colored lights.

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Scott watched her as her two fingers pushed deep into her vagina and then, she pressed her hand against the soft covered entrance, rubbing the soft, pliant flesh through her little panties until she came.

Breathing heavily, she relaxed, as her tight pussy squeezed her fingers rhythmically.


The Ferris wheel was coming to a stop while a warm rush came over her whole body, as she sat there looking at Scott's huge, aching cock. Quickly, Scott put his engorged cock back in his pants and helped Trudy out of the Ferris Wheel car. Trudy and Scott went towards the Tunnel of Love and Trudy stood in front of Scott on the stairway leading to the train of cars.

Trudy flushed as she wondered if he could see up her skirt and her soaked pussy, barely covered by the white transparent strip of her panties.

Scott watched the petit, blond girl in her high heel sandals and little mini-skirt as she stood waiting for their turn in the tunnel of love. Wiggling her cute, little, draped ass as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, the cool night breeze played with the hem of her Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom, short skirt.

His eyes locked on the back of her soft thighs, occasionally seeing a glint Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom her little ass cheeks, peeping through the filmy panties. Taking their seats in a car, the train started to roll down the track and entered through the door of the tunnel. Then he kissed her passionately. His tongue probed into her mouth, brushing her soft, wet tongue. She continued to gently rub the hidden, engorged cock, as it jerked against her hand. Trudy moaned as she was being kissed by Scott and then pushed him back, looking at the twitching tent in his pants in the dim light of the tunnel.

Scott took out his hard cock and large balls again and reached for Trudy. He rubbed her nipples through her thin top, rolling the firm nipples in his fingers. He watched her, as she moaned at the feel of his immense, richly veined cock and the enormous testicles that lay on top of his pants.

Then Trudy picked up the large, hard cock and held it in her cool hand.

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Pulling on the engorged shaft, she could feel at the tip, a drop of lubricating wetness forming on the little, deep hole at the end. She ran her thumb across the open tip and dragged the slippery lubricant around the hot, swollen head.

As the train rumbled slowly Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom the dark tunnel, she bent down to his throbbing penis and pulled the head deep into her warm, wet mouth. Pulling it out again she began stroking the wet shaft, letting it slide wetly through her fingers. As the ride was nearing the end, Trudy reached under skirt and pulled off her little white panties and wiped off Scott's cock with them.

Handing Scott the soft material he put it in his pocket and pushed his erect cock into his pants.

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Scott welcomed the chance to sit on the bench, as his hardness was getting unbearable from the teasing Trudy had done in the tunnel. Scott watched her walk toward the concession stand. He reached into his pocket and pulled the soft material out. Scott cocked throbbed violently as he saw it was Trudy's little, white panties. He realized she must have taken them off in the tunnel, while she sucked on his cock. Scott watched Trudy walk to the Coke stand.

"Do you like to look...

The back of her legs were deliciously exposed, as the skirt slid over her little round ass, stopping abruptly at he tops of her soft, slim thighs. His hard cock jerked as he squeezed the panties and thought about her little, pink pussy, naked without panties, underneath her brief little mini-skirt. Trudy's breasts shook wildly in the thin elastic band of her top, as her inflamed nipples pushed against the soft material, while she walked to the nearby concession stand.

A cool, night breeze was gently blowing against her and she noticed how it would occasionally pick up the loose hem of her flared mini-skirt, exposing the little, white cheeks of her soft buttocks and the blond hairs on her swollen pussy. She loved the feeling on her bare breasts as they bounced under the soft material of her narrow, blue Stories skirt hand pressed rubbed bottom, as she walked.

Her nipples brushed against the soft fabric, tingling from the constant friction. Her ass lightly jiggled and swayed back and forth with every step, showing glimpses of the supple flesh of her little, round bottom peeking out at the top of her legs.

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