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One day, while returning home with a basket of apples, Amelia found that she'd lost her way, being alone and surrounded in a thick and ominous fog.

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Just then, numerous horrifying figures began to emerge from the fog; amalgamations of claws, skulls, machinery and music. Amelia ruth bikini a path opened in the crowd, Amelia's sight was lead to a dark figure, Charlatanwho welcomed her to the Parade of the Charlatan.

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Screaming, a terrified Amelia attempted to run; knowing that Charlatan was something very wrong and that if he were to catch her she'd have been done for. Reaching a lamp post, Amelia felt as though she'd made a safe distance between herself and Charlatan; putting Amelia ruth bikini her basket for a moment so that she could catch her breath.

However Charlatan curled his body around the lamppost from above, ecstatic to have found Amelia. Charlatan opened its mouth wide and asked Amelia to show him her true name.

Amelia would eventually return home, and after two months she had begun to notice that she was feeling ill and figured out that she had become a Curse-Bearer - though her memories of the ordeal with Charlatan had been erased. As such, Amelia wrote to a doctor named Vanitas in Paris who Amelia ruth bikini in treating Curse-Bearers, who then urged Amelia to journey to Paris for proper treatment.

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Having boarded La Baleine en route to Paris, Amelia listens to the clamouring of worried citizens as they talk Amelia ruth bikini the nine-fold murderer, Thomas Berneuxand the return of Vampires. Amelia simply shrugs it off and states that it's just her anemia, asking the man not to worry about it, promising to go see a doctor later. As Amelia sits and pets the cat, she gushes about how cute and warm he is. People feared Vanitas of the Blue Moon as a result, and when he was cast out of his clan, he created a cursed grimoire in order to enact revenge on his fellow Vampires, as the one in possession of The Book of Amelia ruth bikini could bring the existence of Vampires to an end.

Murr hisses at Amelia as she rises, with Noe finally realizing that Amelia is a Vampire as her eyes turn red and she bears her fangs.

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