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Is it good to be cocky

Good Video 18+ Is it good to be cocky.

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Cocky but funny

Dec 27, 1. BlackKidDec 27, Dec 27, 2. It promotes the idea that one is able to attain happiness or success by self-determination instead of an odd mixture of environment, class, race and gender. EterPr0xDec 27, Dec 27, 3. EnygmaeDec 27, Dec 27, 4.

How can you have confidence...

Nothing wrong with confidence, it's absolutely vital for a good life but cocky is different. Dec 27, 5.

good cockiness and bad cockiness,...

Dec 27, 6. Being cocky is basically fake confidence. Anybody intelligent the people who matter can see right through that. Like, if when shit goes down all of a sudden you are the biggest bitch in the room, nobody would be surprised. Pollux-CastorDec 27, Dec 27, 7. EnglandPrevails1Dec 27, Dec 27, 8. Cocky works in certain situations.

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GMSFootballa54Dec 27, Dec 27, 9. Dec 27, It seems to me like if someone really was awesome or whatever, they wouldn't need Is it good to be cocky be cocky about it. Just compare cocky with being not cocky to see how obvious the answer to your question is.

It just raises the question of who they are trying to convince. As has been said ITT: RuzhyoDec 27, HardcoreDeadlygamerRurokenCrimsonToast and 4 others like this. EnderofLifeDec 27, Being cocky is being over-confident and arrogant.

People who are cocky are deluded in a sense and not pleasant to be around. A cocky person is bullheaded even in the presence of evidence to the contrary, incapable of accepting criticism, incapable of changing their ways. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with being confident.

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It's a fine line to tow. Last edited by -clt-Dec 27, MutatedZombieRatDec 27, Because eventually it becomes a cancer and develops on your legs.

I am perfectly fine with...

Now, I love having multiple cocks, but when I have cocks coming out my knees it's just embarrassing. Dec 28, Mechani-KongDec 28, Last edited by Mechani-KongDec 28, OP loves cock confirmed. SertithDec 28, CaPwNDec 28, ThunderFist17Dec 28, Dec 27, Messages: Cocky people make you hate them, self-confident people make you admire them.

Validate is it good to be cocky xxx videos

Sometimes cocky people can back it up with some ability, but everyone goes to the bathroom so get over yourself. Nothing wrong with thinking highly of yourself. It isn't a problem unless a person is a total douche who thinks that he or she is better than everyone else.

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