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Lick creek kentucky

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A transcription of his paper is located on another page.

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We have located many of these online at the Kentucky Lick creek kentucky of State's Kentucky Land Officeand have tried to put together a composite drawing of where many of them were located with regard to the others. To do this we have identified eleven surveys that identify parts of their boundaries as being on or next to one or more of the others.

We begin with the two surveys of Charles Broughton.

A survey of it appears under their names, as transcribed below from the Kentucky Grant Book 2, page Beginning at a white oak and three hickories standing on the south bank of Long Lick Creek, about forty poles above where the said Broughton erected a salt works on the said creek, thence north twenty degrees west thirty eight poles to Long Lick Creek and the Lick creek kentucky continued on all two hundred poles to a hickory, elm and white oak on the south side of the said creek, south seventy degrees west two hundred poles to a red oak and two hickories, thence south twenty degrees east two hundred poles to a beech gum and black oak on the side of the knobs, thence north seventy degrees east two hundred poles to the Beginning The image shows a drawing of the survey taken from the survey document itself.

It shows where the surveyor believed the path of Long Lick Creek to be. On the drawing above, the letter B marks the location of where the survey states that the Lick creek kentucky line crossed the creek. It shows where the surveyor believed the path of Long Lick Creek to be within that survey.

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More detailed information about the Broughton surveys is available on another page. The next problem was to connect the Broughton surveys with any of the others.

This was accomplished by referring to a survey of acres done for Adam Shepherd in September That survey lay to the north of the Broughton surveys and identified a line that it shared with Broughton's acre survey.

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It also Lick creek kentucky lines it shared with a Bowman survey and a Phillips survey, as described below. More information about this Shepherd survey is located on another page. The overall shape of this survey is shown below in a drawing taken from the original survey.

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The lines described above are Lick creek kentucky the bottom edge, and can be seen in the initial drawing above. From this we are able to locate the Bowman entry as well. We located a acre survey for Jacob Bowman dated in June which appears to be the Bowman entry described in Shepherd's survey. It shares lines with Peter Philips, and has lines that match two of Shepherd's lines in direction.

It is described below. You may also find more information about Jacob Bowman's survey on another page. As you can see from the plat drawing to the right which was taken from the original survey, Bowman's lines fit nicely with those of Shepherd. The letter A on the drawing marks the beginning of the survey, and the lines continue clockwise.

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Note also that his survey marks the location of the Long Lick Lick creek kentucky as it passes through the survey. The letter A also marks "the south west corner of Peter Philips' acre settlement. In JunePeter Philips had two surveys done, one for four hundred acres, and the second for one thousand acres which surrounded the first survey on three sides.

More information about this is located on another page.

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Since Bowman's survey identifed the location of the southwest corner of Philip's acre survey, we are able to position it as shown in the initial drawing above.

The image to the left shows the original plat drawing of both surveys, rotated to its approximate location relative to compass direction with north being at the top.

Note also the apparent location of Long Lick Creek with regard to these surveys. Two things to note: Also note that Philip's Lick creek kentucky identify two other points where Lick creek kentucky lines cross Long Lick Creek points F and G on the initial drawing above. The Owings acre survey was actually in the name of Henry Spelman and John Cockey Owings, and they sold it to Adam Shepherd soon after the survey was made. More information about it is available on another page.

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You can follow the survey described below on the plat image to the right which was taken from the original survey. Note that this survey identifies two others: Charles Chinn's acre survey, and Jesse Reede's acre survey.

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Since Reede's survey Lick creek kentucky easier to plot, we will discuss it first. As you can see on the initial drawing at the top if this page, Jesse Reede's acres were laid out in a retangular shape that touched Spelman and Owings' survey for a short distance on one side.

You can read more about Reede's survey on another page.

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Note also that his name has been confusingly spelled as both Reede and Rude, but it is clearly spelled Reed at one point in the deed he received on this Lick creek kentucky.

We know its location because it clearly identifies one side as being with Jesse Reede, and another side with Spilman and Owings as drawn in the plat image to the right and transcribed below. Thence down Lick creek kentucky creek binding on the same with the meanders thereof poles, when reduced to a strait line to a black oak on the north side of the creek on the bank, thence S 26 E poles to the beginning.

More information about this survey may be found on another page.

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Adam Shepherd claimed another tract of land containing acres in This was located south of Jesse Reede's acres and of Spilman and Owings' acres as described below, and drawing in the image to the right. The relationships of these surveys to one another can be seen in the initial drawing at Lick creek kentucky top of this page.

You can read more about this Adam Shepherd survey on another Lick creek kentucky. The last survey that we have included in our drawing is that of Charles Chinn who claimed acres in February Determining the location of that survey with regard to the others in our drawing has been somewhat Lick creek kentucky.

We know that Spilman and Owings' survey followed Long Lick Creek to a point where Chinn's line crossed the creek, and that their line then followed his line for poles is a southeasterly direction before turning away.

The challenge was to determine where on Chinn's line this was.

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As shown in the survey description below, this survey's third leg Lick creek kentucky in a southeasterly direction that matches that of Spilman and Owings. Moreover, it notes that that line crossed Long Lick Creek at the pole mark.

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