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Were not dating but im jealous

Sexy Video Were not dating but im jealous.

By IgnyteMEMay 26, in soompi hangout. So this guy told me he liked me and I told him that liked him too.


We're not officially together. I'm still waiting for him to ask, but I feel so possessive that I don't want him talking to other girls. I don't know how to calm myself and not worry so much about whether he's just playing with me. What should I do? I have waited for a week for him to ask me, and truthfully to say, the best thing is to talk to him.

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If you test him, he might take it wrong and see it as you are interested in someone. Summon up the courage and tell him straight out in his face. Not sure if this will do you good but i believe this as the best way. Whatever you decide to do If you do, you will end up suffocating him before you guys even start your possible relationship. Since you guys confessed that you like each other and if you think you both are perfect for each other. You like each other Just because you like one another doesn't mean that you're going to be automatically boyfriend and girlfriend.

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That's what dating Were not dating but im jealous for. You both test the waters before making it official. So don't have too much expectations. Go on a date and see how it goes. If you feel after a couple of times going out, you can make it official. If you guys aren't on the same page, well, at least you tried.

Except I didnt wanna get together with him. I let it play out just the way it was. Im not the type to tell you to go chase after a guy Just do your thing. If it works it works Well we act like we're together.

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We've made out, he's gotten a feel in some places lol, yeah. So I don't know what's going Were not dating but im jealous. Just ask him if you guys are official. I think that if you are already really possessive and jealous of him and don't want him to talk to girls already even before you're both official or not then I think it might be a problem, he might feel suffocated and might feel like he's being caged in from you, which is not good.

Perhaps he's just shy or already assumes you're together. If you're really that unsure about where your relationship if you can call it one is heading, the only thing you can do is be direct about it. You have absolutely nothing to lose by asking. Under the condition that he'll be honest, regardless of whether he wants you as a gf or not, you'll still win because at least you'll know.

Nothing sucks worse than not knowing.

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It's normal to be a bit possessive in your situation right now because it is as though neither side wants to do anything and is waiting for the other person to make the first move.

Just make sure that it doesn't get to the better side of you or you might scare him away or something. Maybe try to bring the topic up?

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If he doesn't ask, I guess you can try asking him. If not, something that can become a relationship may just fade away to nothing. He may like you, but he may not be ready to commit.

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He may have feelings for other girls, as well. It's possible to like more than one person at a time. If you want him to be more decisive, do something about it. It doesnt mean you have to ask him to be your boyfriend, but asking him out on a date would help.

Dating is great way for people to decide if they are going to be exclusive to one another.

Easiest way to deal with this is to talk to him about it. Ask him if he wants a relationship. I know it sucks, but sometimes that's what it'll take for a guy to man up and finally ask you out. Just ask him casually - don't make it seem like such a big deal - and find out Were not dating but im jealous this is going, if you two took the time to make a confession.

A couple of ways to do this, is to ask him to go grab a drink sometime, or chill out at either your place or his. I tend to feel more jealous pre-couple because I'm not sure how much he likes me or if he is willing to commit to me. By Transition Started July 19, By larus Started July By 0ly40 Started May By Nakiami Kyoko Started October 5, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted May 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Just chill out and take it easy.

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This is really hard. Like as in "like you as friend? Since you guys confessed that you like each other and if you think you both are perfect for each other, I think you guys should become a material. Ehh, I don't know. Just helping out here, lol.

It's okay to feel that way. Tell him how you feel and he'll understand. Oh I had this too lol Except I didnt wanna get together with him. The user and all related content has been deleted. Posted May 27, I didn't know LOL. Relationships aren't about possessing someone.

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Why can't he talk to other girls? He's your friend, right?

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Posted May 28, Go To Topic Listing soompi hangout. Sign In Sign Up. Talking on the phone was fun, but they had no chemistry in person.

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Now he's dating and she feels possessive. I'm not going to be going around looking for other holes to plop my junk in. Why Keep in mind jealously is not an emotion, its a reaction.

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