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Shoulder ride orgasm

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Pronounce it Shay eene! Ok, my first time. I always had lots of girlfriends, all kinds. No cliques, Shoulder ride orgasm "booty huddles", nothing. It was summer, we Shoulder ride orgasm a built in pool. There were 6 of us, and we were going into 8th grade, and we were swimming, having chicken fights on this summer afternoon in the pool.

No parents, just friends around. My Mom was inside, my Dad was probably punking his secretary Anyway, it started when I had to get on my friend Kristies shoulders.

Early riding orgasms are another...

She went underwater, and I climbed over her shoulders and put my hand on the top of her head and positioned her neck into my crotch.

When she lifted me out of the water and straightened her head into my knob, I wrapped my legs Shoulder ride orgasm the small of her back. The more she moved around, the lower my foot went, until it was down the back of her panties.

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Rubbing Shoulder ride orgasm ass with my toe just made me harder, and I think she knew it, because she was squeezing my thighs tight. After a few minutes of standing around, I started rocking, and my ass was quivering, I think I peed right on her neck. When it was her turn, she spread her legs and I went underwater behind her and instead of putting my shoulders between her legs, I rammed my mouth right between her legs and bit her.

It was so funny. When she was on top my shoulders, she said she was gonna get me back, thats when I felt a warm flow of something down my back.

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We're 19 now, not lez, no way, just very good friends! LOL And we weren't cheerleads, or butches! Just 2 size 1's, I'm a little taller than her. This is one of the best stories I've heard in a long time! What's the origin of this piece?

It is taken from an discussion about first climax. That's a fascinating story, although there's one part I don't really understand. As much as I love riding mounts of both sexes, and have been doing it for a long time, I've never peed astride my mount. That seems a little gross.

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Early riding orgasms are another story, however, and I think I can identify my first one. I've always been very athletic, and although I can't remember my exact age, I remember very well being a young kid at a summer camp and riding a swimming counselor, who must have been in his teens, but seemed like a grownup to Shoulder ride orgasm. To a young kid, 20 or 30 can seem like the verge of senility.

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Anyway, I've been riding in chicken fights for as long as I can remember, and after watching me astride other kids for awhile, this particular counselor simply dove into the pool, swam underwater, put his head between my thighs and lifted me astride his neck.

He took me by surprise, but I instinctively locked my feet behind his back, because I was used to doing that Shoulder ride orgasm and if Shoulder ride orgasm hadn't, I would have flown off his shoulders in no time, because he grabbed my thighs and started jumping and turning under me. I wasn't scared, I just thought it was a game, but I remember clearly how his neck muscles felt between my legs, muscular and different from those of kids my own age.

Another difference is that he pulled my thighs down so my weight was kept mostly centered astride his neck, which he twisted back and forth while he jumped around in the water.

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As he kept doing that Shoulder ride orgasm began to notice a very special friction that felt really good, and I ended up moving my hips astride him until I surprised myself by climaxing with his neck and torso clamped tighly between my legs, most likely trembling a bit too. I don't remember that part for sure, but since I tend to react that way now I probably did then as well.

I suspect I must have screamed too, but in a pool full of screaming kids it wouldn't have been out of place. I'm sure he was aware that he'd brought me to climax.

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