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Jewish women love black men

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But it should be. Countless black Jews have made the difficult decision to leave Judaism completely, no longer identifying as Jewish.

Every person that I interviewed for this article spoke of being exhausted of existing in white Jewish spaces. They told me how that exhaustion greatly altered their participation in Jewish community and their own Jewish identities.

Jewish women love black men spoke of feeling drained, mentally scarred, and depressed when they leave synagogues. One of the reasons I love black gospel music so much is that I can think of no holier sound that the voices of black folks rising in unison. And in having these interviews, I got the privilege of listening to a chorus of black voices telling me their stories about being Jewish in spaces that do not want or respect black people.

Everyone in the Jewish community needs to listen to this chorus. Jewish women love black men stakes are too high to continue on this path.

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Here are just a few of the stories the Jewish community must start listening to. Some names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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She lives in the same ultra-Orthodox community where she lived during her conversion, and the staring has been a constant from the beginning. As a prerequisite for attending this Sender, the rabbi interrogated Monique. You know how hard it going to be to find a husband for you? Monique held back her tears, determined not to let the rabbi see that he had cut her so deeply.

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