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Marrying a chinese woman in china

Pics Gallery Marrying a chinese woman in china.

She will get stupidly angry if you are two or three minutes late, but happily make you wait an hour. At home, she will hit you, maybe throw things at you.

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Even if you say sorry one hundred times for some little thing, she won't talk to you. She will expect impossible miracles like you getting from Nanping Jie to the North of the city in 5 minutes. She will oppose you getting a good night's sleep.

But these aren't important. The important thing is that she will almost never say "I love you", so you have absolutely no idea whether or not she loves you.

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Sorry to hear that. Things can also get even more dramatic if they are in the middle of hormonal changes, like during menstruations or similar.

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It's also important to not rush into marriage. I reckon a couple needs to live together at least two years to get to know each other at home, especially if they come from different cultures and more importantly if the way of thinking and reasoning is different.

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As you may have figured, I guess I exaggerated a bit, since I right now am still in the heat of the moment. That's the purpose of the courtship period - carefully observe and analyze her behavioral anomalies.

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