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Are you hookup a player quiz nba basketball

Naked Pictures Are you hookup a player quiz nba basketball.

We're in a new golden age of the NBA. Way back in the day, the league struggled to hold its own. It pandered to the few fans in near-empty arenas with gimmicks.

But as style and swagger made its way onto the court, paying customers started to fill the stands. The public Are you hookup a player quiz nba basketball Larry Bird and Magic Johnson battle each other in college then take their rivalry to the pro ranks, reigniting the coastal rivalry between the NBA's two most storied franchises. After that, MJ showed up. Michael Jordan was one of, if not the greatest player of all time.

Ratings soared as the Bulls won title after title. After MJ, there were dark days. Volume shooters filled the ranks as pretenders to the crown fell by the wayside. But out of the darkness came a light. The light was sabermetrics, D'Antoni's high-octane offense, full-team help defenses, living on 3s, stretch 4s, and throwing away traditional positions. This is the new NBA, and these are its new stars.

The variety is unparalleled. Whom do you live and die with? If you don't already know, take this quiz, and find out. Actually, just take this quiz either way.

You are at the top...

When players are on the court, they have to be in the team's uni. But their kicks are all their own. Which of these signature styles best suits you? Are you a lean and low top? A high and tight ankle protector? Or are you just there to get the job done?

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There's nothing quite like a vicious dunk. You get two points, and you get to posterize the poor, unsuspecting fool dumb enough to try and stop you.

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The game has seen some amazing, gravity-defying dunks. For a few years back in the day, the league's MVP was never a question. It was Michael Jordan. Now, there either isn't that mega-dominant player, or there are quite a few of them. The last few years have come down to a toss-up, and this year looks to be no different. If the award was given today, who ya got?

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