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Make wife have double orgasm

Nude photos Make wife have double orgasm.
GIVING her a multiple orgasm...

But how obtainable are those elusive multiple orgasms? Can you learn to give them to your partner, and also achieve them yourself? Yvonka, a clinical sexologist with Jasmine.

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It takes attention to detail, vulnerability, open mindedness, willingness to experiment, knowing your own body, and passion to elicit those responses. Not impossible, but uncommon. Men need the refractory period wherein after their bodies need to recoup prior to being able to climax again.

Women however, well we just simply get to have all the fun! You can stay hard yourself with practice, or if you're comfortable enough with your partner This will get easier each and every time, says Silver, and will build rapport between you and your partner. For women, orgasm builds from arousal not the other way around so if you really want to prime her for immense sexual pleasure, you need to start early.

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And the best place to start is with her largest sex organ: If you know that multiple Os are on the menu for the evening, start things up early with a teasing text or two. When you both get home, turn up the PDA and shower her with touches and affection.

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The most important first step of getting to a multiple-orgasm experience is to know your own body, says Dr. The second step is being able to communicate them.

Because women are driven by emotional and mental connection, the above aspects are very important as well. However, for women, their bodies can achieve multiple orgasms even when they may not be searching for it or ready for it. Part of learning our limits and likes is being experimental and open, says Dr. But you may be pleasantly surprised.

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This means remaining present and pay attention to detail. Since the brain is the biggest sex organ, it makes sense that a lot of the work behind multiple Os should take place above the belt.