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Long term relationship goals

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I got to spend my whole weekend with this man!! Our jobs have always come first to us and we rarely ever get more than one say together and it simply is just not enough time. Life is short and yes everyone needs money to make it in this life but I would rather have less or no money just to be able to be at his side every single day for the rest of my life. A post shared by Tiffany Camarillo changewithtiffc on Feb 26, at 7: Being in a relationship without having some set goals compares to setting out on a journey without having any destination in mind; Long term relationship goals not only freaky but also unwise.

You can't really know if you're making any progress or not and you are an easy target for all sorts of distractions.

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If we compare marriage to a company, your relationship goals would be your mission, the thing you wish to become both in the short and the long-term. Just as it is freaky to have a company running without a purpose or vision, so also it is with couples without relationship goals. Relationship goals are needed to keep couples focused.

Goals make the relationships lively because you are always working towards achieving something. This hope makes partners work hard and as that is done, the relationship becomes stronger and healthier.

Not all goals set by some Long term relationship goals are healthy actually.

For your relationship goals to be healthy, they have to put the two of you into consideration and must not lead to rivalry. In this piece, we shall consider 25 examples of healthy relationship goals that you and your partner may want to adopt.

They are presented in the form of advice which makes their acceptance by you a choice you want to make. Some of them are long-term goals whereas others are short term.

Before we consider the Long term relationship goals examples, it would be nice to remind you that no relationship works just by itself without couples involved putting in some effort. In fact, the effort must be mutual and single-focused so as to achieve a worthwhile and healthy relationship. What this means is that you are ready to give everything that is within your ability to your relationship so it can work out. Setting goals after goals would amount to nothing if you are not willing to make those goals achievable.

Most of us want to...

So, building on the assumption that you and your partner are willing to make things work, here are 25 examples of healthy relationship goals to pursue as a couple. If you decide to follow the examples of relationship goals suggested here, you can rest assured that your relationship will not only be healthy but fulfilling too.

Here are the examples.

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No matter how intuitive the rest of your goals may be, if honesty is wanting, everything would eventually amount to nothing. Honesty in your relationship would mean that you say what you mean and mean what you say. It equally means that you're not going to have another eye outside on another man or woman.

Couples that stay honest Long term relationship goals one another have greater chances of having a healthy relationship than those who are pretty dishonest. As an advice, you may have to train yourself to tell the truth at all times and encourage your partner to do so as well.

Talk about this goal together and jointly determine how it would be achieved. If you can identify reasons any of you may become dishonest or unfaithful, you can jointly find a way to prevent it. Honesty is among the long-term goals you would have to set for your relationship.

There is no time when it is not needed. When you both discover that your partner is honest Long term relationship goals you, you can better put all of your energies into achieving your other goals and making your relationship healthy.

Honesty does not mean that you would always agree on issues but even where disagreement ensues, partners are not likely to blow issues out of proportion because they can sense you're telling them the truth.

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