Layout overview - The layout photos from 'Before' were taken with a Pentax MZ50 SLR (film!) and scanned using a Canon flat-bed scanner. The photos were taken in September 2003 when the layout was first built.

The after photos were taken on the 31st of May 2005, using a Canon A75 Powershot Digital camera (3 megapixel). Some shots were done in Auto mode, and others were done in Aperture Priority mode (Av), using an fstop of 8.0 and delayed shutter with no flash.
Before PhotoAfter Photo

The original build (just finished without the full yard).

Hey, the plywood is gone! (well almost...)

KCS 710 (SD50) passes UP train.

KCS 710 (SD50) passes MP train. (Going the other way now.)

KCS 710 pulls around east end. Digitrax Zephyr in view.

KCS 710 pulls around east end. No more Digitrax Zephyr - switched to EasyDCC.

Control Panel switches for tortoise and turntable.

New CTC Style Panel. Compare with West Wye US&S machine.

Under the layout. Big white is DCC power bus. Tortoise machines in view.

Looks the same now - no photo!

KCS 710 passes CNW 1519 in the gravel spur.

KCS 710 passes MILW 2368 in the gravel spur, which is also the oil refinery.

KCS 710 and UP 4202 (SD40-2) meet near the gravel spur. Roundhouse in foreground. Milwaukee H16-66 waits in the roundhouse.

A different view of the Roundhouse and the Service station. Somebody needs to pick up the bin!

UP 4202 coming down the main next to yard junction.

Another reverse shot, KCS heading towards us and MP caboose going away at Freight Line Jct.

KCS 710 heading past the yard junction.

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