Take a trip with the KCS Transfer run

Updated 2 March 2006

Today, we will take a ride with the KCS Transfer run. Any thumbnail image on this page can be clicked for a larger version, which will open in a new window.

The Dispatcher calls the crew for the KCS Transfer. He gives them their order sheet and car cards.

The crew will board their train at Southwest Junction.

710 at Southwest JctHere is KCS 710, headlight on and ready to depart.

After receipt of their order, the KCS transfer crew begin their trip over the Kansas City Sub.

710 leaving Southwest JctKCS 710 arriving at Southwest Jct.

710 arriving Sheffield Jct The KCS crew soon arrive at Sheffield Junction

710 at Rock Creek Jct 710 arrives at Rock Creek Junction, passing by the Standard Oil refinery at Sugar Creek and the Rock crusher.

Caboose leaving Sheffield JctNot long after, the KCS caboose leaves Sheffield Junction

710 arriving Freight Line Jct Extra KCS 710 West arrives at Freight Line Jct. The train is on the North Main and will crossover to the South Main here at Freight Line.

Caboose leaving Freight Line JctThe KCS transfer leaves Freight Line Junction.

710 at Rock Creek Jct South Mainand passes Rock Creek Junction and the Sugar Creek refinery.

710 arriving at Freight Line Jct South Main Extra KCS 710 West arrives at Freight Line Junction.

710 cut off at Freight Line JctKCS 710 notifies the Coburg Yardmaster and cuts off their locomotive for the Yard crew to switch out the cars.

Cars cut off at Freight Line JctCars waiting on South Main at Freight Line for Yardmaster.

Yardmaster pulls KCS cars for exchange The Coburg Yardmaster pulls out the cars for the KCS transfer (3 cars)

Yardmaster pushes out to pickup from KCS train Yardmaster throws the turnout (Dispatcher has released the lock for local control) and pushes out on main to pickup from the KCS train.

Yardmaster pushes KCS pickup into no 1 track The Yardmaster pushes the 3 cars picked up from the KCS transfer into number 1 track in Coburg Yard. The cars will go on local jobs later.

Three cars picked up from KCS on No 1 track Here are the cars parked in number 1 track.

Yardmaster pushes KCS dropoff back onto train Now the Yardmaster pushes out the 3 cars onto the KCS train and leaves it on the South Main.

Yardmaster is done Milw 1646 rests on yard lead After completing the move, MILW 1646 clears the main track and moves back to the yard lead for a well earned coffee break. Note the Milwaukee Road spark arrestors fitted to the engine exhaust. These were a Milwaukee design for some of their diesel engines to help reduce fires from exhaust sparks.

KCS cars dropped off at Coburg Here are the Car Cards and Waybills for the cars dropped off to Coburg number 1 track. The brown boxcar is a load of bricks going to Centropolis, the orange reefer will go to Sykes Cold Storage at Centropolis with a load of beef and the last boxcar will go to Hillside lumber at Independence. A local turn crew will deliver these cars later.

KCS cars picked up Here are the Car Cards and Waybills for the cars picked up at Coburg for the KCS. These cars all have a red 'VIA' on them, designating them as 'off the layout' industries serviced by the KCS. We assume that the KCS will deliver these cars for us and that the cars will eventually return on another KCS transfer job.

Car card 1 SLSF (Frisco) Box car Card and Waybill

Car card 2 MILW Reefer car Card and Waybill

Car card 3 Rock Island car Card and Waybill

710 Crossing over at Sheffield Jct KCS 710 crossing over at Sheffield Junction.

710 heading for Broadway Tower KCS 710 heading for Broadway Tower, passing Sugar Creek siding.

710 arriving Broadway Tower KCS transfer arriving at Broadway Tower.

Broadway Tower staging Here is Broadway Tower staging. The dispatcher controls the staging tracks via an AD4 accessory decoder. The track power is switched so that only the selected track has power. The selected track is shown via a Green LED.

Train Order book The order book, after issuing all the orders.

Trainsheet and the train sheet

710 Tied up at Broadway KCS Transfer tied up (completed) at Broadway Tower

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