CTC Installation photos

Milwaukee Road 2034 and Frisco 636 operate to CTC rules.

As at the 21st of October 2007, the Milwaukee Road Kansas City Subdivision went live with CTC. The system is built around the Bruce Chubb C/MRI system. See JLC Enterprises for more information.

The Kansas City Subdivsion uses a total of 4 SMINI nodes. 2 SMINI nodes are under the layout controlling Tortoise switch machines, home built signals using 2 wire bi-colour LEDs, reading turnout positions and block detectors ( 9 x DCCODs, also from JLC Enterprises).

The CTC panel is controlled by 2 SMINI nodes, one node controls the switch indicator lamps and reads the switch levers. The other node controls the block lamps, signal indicator lamps and reads the signal levers.

Switch and Signal Levers and plates by Rix Products, product page CTC Knob Kit

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